Sunday, 20 May 2018

New Travel Posts 2018:

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Fukuoka and Nagasaki, 9 days through April 2018:

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Hong Kong, 10 days through April 2018 in 2 parts:

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Nepal, 3 months in Pokhara 2018:

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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Taiwan April 2016

Now I am in Taiwan, April 2016. Its not the change in culture I thought it might be! Click here..

Friday, 18 March 2016

Random Jottings Asia 2016 - Construction and destruction March 2016

Sihanoukville, Cambodia, March 2016 - Destruction and construction.

Everywhere one looks there's construction on the horizon. Big casinos with smart hotels.
So far these iconic statues of Sihanoukville's past have survived, but for how long! A reminder of the towns heyday's mid 60's to mid 70's - until the murderous Khmer Rouge turned up.
Bulldozing the old road to make a 4 lane highway.
These iconic statues, evidence of the past as evidence of the future moves in!
Destruction, will there be another casino?

Oh, another hotel popping up.
Land preparation.
Now its empty, but just a few months ago this ground was home to several beach-side snack and coconut vendors.
All gone, those vendors with character and enthusiasm tending to the needs of tourisst's and locals.
Little reminders of the past

A good spot for another casino!
Faded and chipped, this iconic 1960's statue at Independence beach.

Not my thing.
Odd place to park a plane!
New highway soon.

And another casino.

Monday, 14 March 2016

Random Jottings Asia 2016, This Life in Cambodia

Getting to Sihanoukville, March 2016.

The Tuk Tuk mafia are waiting, hovering, ready to pounce. Its a game I know well and I'm ready!

From Phnom Penh airport to Sihanoukville is a relatively easy process - there's a shop selling bus tickets near then end of the runway. After trying hard to convince me the only way to get the Sihanoukville bus is to ride into downtown first, and with me refusing to believe it, they give up. Yes, I didn't fall for the lies, well, actually I've done this before so I had some Knowledge. Too Knackered to argue anymore I paid the $5 tuk tuk ride to the Southern end of the runway, to a shop by the big busy roundabout. I guess a hike might have taken about half an hour, but not just after an overnight flight! A desk with a handful of ticket books and the chap there promptly handed me a ticket and demanded $12 all before I had time to ask for the cheapest ticket - a 4$ rise on last time and nobody seems to know when the next bus is, just wait - oh well, this life in Cambodia!

The Chinese are spreading...

The Chinese influence around here in Sihanoukville is plain to see. The proliferation of casinos, land clearance, construction and destruction all part of the Chinese effect, especially between the port and Independence beach. They seem to be grabbing land like there's no tomorrow. The giant Emario complex, practically empty 2 years ago now houses a casino, a shop selling only Chinese food, a gambling shop - even a vets! The once sleepy little beach road from Independence towards the town is now a newly constructed 4 lane highway and as the bulldozers move in so the unofficial beach-side vendors move out! its a shame but was always inevitable as Sihanoukville grows in popularity as a holiday hot spot. Yes, since my last visit almost 2 years ago development has stepped up a gear. Despite all this the actual beach fronts remain largely untouched for now, with plenty of rustic and not so rustic spots to choose from - changes afoot to this life in Cambodia.

More destruction and construction here.

Saturday, 12 March 2016

Random Jottings Asia 2016 - Expense Account Latest 1st March

Now that I have arrived in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in One piece lets make a quick update to the expense account.

As of the last update the account opens at £975.29

So, as of 1st March 2016:

 Fresh coffee Kathmandu Airport. Actually that's the only item reasonably priced! NPR 280 = £1.87

Air Asia X one way ticket to Kuala Lumpur 4 hours 10 minutes NPR 10150.00 = £66.77

Air Asia X in-flight tea MYR 7 = £1.20

MacDonalds egg roll and fresh coffee but no fresh milk, at Kuala Lumpur airport MYR10 = £1.72

Air Asia one way flight to Phnom Penh 1 hour 30 minutes MYR 53.92 = £9.29

Kathmandu to Phnom Penh, Cambodia totals at £80.85  and as of 1st March 2016 grand trip total stands at £1056.14