Thursday, 18 February 2016

Random Jottings Asia 2016 - Sarangkot, going up!

Sarangkot, Nepal, February 2016.

An early start for this hike up to Sarangkot - early because the race is on to beat the usual clouds that envelope the Himalayan mountains from about mid morning. All the books say its a 90 minute climb and I say b*l*o**s is it 90 minutes! A long way up there, looks steep and the air will be thin!

First its a stomp from Lakeside to Sedy village where the trail to Sarangkot begins on a somewhat cobbled street, not those smooth cobbles of England but big and rough. Squawking parrots along the way, worth a quick photo in the clear crisp morning sunshine.

Thankfully some kind soul has marked the way with red spray paint - well, one would hope its not a malicious attempt to send me off the edge.

Must be a quarter way up by now and the air is already thinning, gasping for air, stopping for a sit down quite frequently. This isn't going to be any 90 minute hike, that's already quite obvious. Still, better crack on since I've started, might get easier later!

Up early

Sarangkot, right at the top


Wild Bananas on  the trail

Last chance saloon

Follow those arrows


Rest again

Up, not for the faint harted



Haven't we come a long way



If I had know about the bus!

First sight of the prize

Nice place

House with a view

Rural in the hills

So which path?

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