Sunday, 24 January 2016

Random Jottings Asia 2016 - Oman Air January 6th

Oman Air

Thankfully Oman Air hasn't been discovered by the masses yet unlike it's rivals Qater Airways and Emirates so a few spare seats on tonight's 6 1/2 hour flight to Muscat. Dropping a strong hint to my seat mate that once were on our way he should quickly grab that seat and we can all stretch out and sleep like a baby!

Dinner is good, very good actually as it always is with Oman Air only bettered by Turkish Air in my, slightly subjective opinion of course. Other Middle Eastern carriers and one Indian carrier fall pretty short on taste when it comes to cuisine in cattle class. So, with all this extra legroom and a full belly, time a grab some sleep before sunrise in a few hours.

Another successful transition from our transcontinental plane to the much smaller regional Boeing 737. The terminal here in Muscat is pretty small, easy to navigate and with plenty of views outside. So, With a couple of hours to kill let's enjoy another Costa-lot-coffee - needed just to keep awake!

 Thankfully Costa-lot-coffee did the admirable job of keeping me awake and along with what seems an endless trail of Nepali migrant workers it's another session of pushing and shoving ones way onto the transfer bus. Nepal calls then as the planes sets course across Pakistan, India and on towards the Tribhuvan Airport, Kathmandu. Oh look, the mountains, majestically punctuating the horizon with those pristine white peaks as the planes nears our destination. Descending into the valley and of course the ever present haze and pollution - yes, Kathmandu at last.

Terminal 3 Departure Hall

The M4 Motorway

Passing Windsor

Over Dubai

Early morning arrival Muscat, Oman

Muscat-Seeb, Oman

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