Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Random Jottings from across Asia 2016 - Going to Kathmandu

London January 5th 2016

Another marathon journey to Pokhara has begun. I've lost count the number of times but to arrive in Pokhara unscathed can be a challenge. The journey is pretty routine until one arrives in Kathmandu where the fun part really kicks in!

The train pulls away from Norwich station under an overcast sky with drizzle in the wind, freezing cold and it's almost dark again, fairly typical English mid-winter weather. In a few hours though, I shall be jetting out of London bound for Oman - the first stage of this three part journey to Pokhara, over two days.

Oh, what's this? An outbreak of sunshine as the train speeds past Chelmsford. A sign of optimism from above perhaps that I shall have a trouble free journey - no, I don't think so either but nonetheless, it's good to see some English sunshine with a few patches of blue sky as the sun begins to set. Just enough time for a wander around London before dark - I don't have to be at the airport for a while yet.

I quick wander along the Tottenham Court road and then down to Green Park for a look at the Queens house. I don't even have to buy a ticket - just tap the debit card on the gate and off we go, hey ho!

Heathrow terminal 3 at 5pm on the Tuesday after New Year's Day is insanely busy I can tell you! People of all races pushing and shoving their way to check-in laden with about 20 suitcases each. Security - which, thanks to Islamic insanity, means a partial strip down. All belts, coats, jackets, belts and shoes into x-ray. All ones gadgets separated and X-rayed and your toiletries separated into a clear plastic bag and again x-rayed. Oh, and then there's the chemical test - they swipe a cotton wool ball around the hands and stick it into a machine. Plenty of scope for things to go wrong at this stage!

Thankfully, no interrogation and time to relax with a Costa-Lot-Coffee in the somewhat horrible terminal 3 departures hall. I'd say the place resembles a mess with far too much walking involved!

So with time to spare here are a few snaps while mooching around London on whats turns out to be a pretty pleasant winters afternoon.
Tottenham Court Road, London


Sunset from Green Park

Decorations on Buckingham Palace

London Sunset

Statue near the palace

Flying over Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Road leading to Buckingham Palace

Statue outside Buckingham Palace

London Eye

Queen's Guard

Big Ben

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