Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Random Jottings Asia 2016 - Kathmandu to Kuala Lumpur

This could be a problem...

The plane is going to be late by an hour and that makes the connection to Phnom Penh tight. If I have to go through immigration to re-check in and then back through immigration again, well this might be the first time ever of missing a flight! 10 PM as the Air Asia X airbus accelerates along the runway lifting gently off a few seconds later. A sharp right turn to avoid hitting that  hill ahead as the lights of a small village slip by at eye level, or maybe thats an optical illusion! 4 hours and 10 minutes down to Kuala Lumpur with fine weather all the way according to the captain. So, after a cup of Air Asia,s finest plastic tea, time to grab a nap and hope for the best.

4.45 am on the ground at Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 (KLIA2) and for once the Nepalis are not pushing and shoving their way off the plane - I guess like me they are way to knackered! Thankfully there's some help on the horizon in the shape of a help desk and having walked for what seems like miles this weary passenger hopes its not a mirage! Its real enough and hopefully the friendly looking staff will save the day. The first thing I have to do is check-in on my phone. Next get the 2D barcode sent to my phone and then I can use that to get my boarding pass - what an infallible plan! except it all go's wrong at the second hurdle. The Wifi is so weak at 5.30 am I can't access the barcode, Oh bugger (excuse my French). Back to the  help desk, make a big fuss that their system isn't working and get a boarding pass anyway, and technically they can charge me extra, they don't thankfully - not my fault their Wifi is too slow! So in hindsight I should have checked in and printed a boarding pass in Kathmandu. Now with plenty of time to spare, food is my only thought. Sadly options here at 5.45 am in KLIA2 are somewhat lacking -toast-noodle soup-MacDonald. So, I've ended up with a plastic egg covered in plastic cheese between plastic bread - thats the first and last time this trip I shall be downing gunk like this, but I'm too hungry to worry about it now!

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